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Custom corporate pens simplify input

Custom corporate pens simplify input

  • Monday, 10 June 2019
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If we look back on the history of custom corporate pens, we will find that they are almost accompanied by the common evolution of human civilization. Around the time when Egyptians were building pyramids, wedge-shaped characters written by reeds were recorded on sheepskin.

The decline of the Roman Empire made it very difficult for Europeans to see reeds again, which resulted in the feather pens we saw in many famous paintings.

But the pen tips of feather pens wear out so quickly that Europeans have created metal pen tips made of bronze to write more conveniently and cheaply.

However, people feel that writing a few words to dip in ink is too cumbersome, so the craftsmen of past dynasties began to try to use the retractable pens personalized itself to store ink, continue to write smoothly.

It wasn't until more than a thousand years later that the pen came close to what it is today. In 1809, Britain issued the first batch of patent certificates for water pens, marking the formal birth of pens.

This small progress is enough to allow custom corporate pens to leave the ink bottle independently and clip them in people's pockets independently. It has also made great literati like Mark Twain and Jack London, who are no longer trapped at a three-foot desk and whose inspiration can be recorded at any time.

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